Regulatory Advisors of this project

The following are the Regulatory Advisors of OPKL:

  • Ramboll, Denmark
    • Responsibility: Owner’s Engineer
  • ABN Amro, Singapore
    • Responsibility: Financial Advisor
  • Norton Rose, Singapore
    • Responsibility: Legal Advisor for Vetting of the Project Agreements.
  • Ernst & Young, Singapore
    • Responsibility: Financial Advisor & IM Preparation.
  • Zurilly Singapore
    • Responsibility: Coal Transportation, Logistic service Consultant
  • African Waterways, SA
    • Responsibility: Coal Transportation, Logistic service Consultant
  • Environmental Consultants:
    • AECOM, India
      Responsibility: ESIA Consultant
    • Adroit Bangladesh
      Responsibility: Survey Consultant to collect Baseline Data for
  • ESIA.
    • AECOM, Singapore
      Responsibility: Consultant for Thermal Plume Modeling
    • IWM
      Responsibility: Survey Consultant regarding Primary Data
      collection for River Modeling and thermal plume
    • BUET
      Responsibility: Consultant for River Modeling
    • Jahangirnagar University
      Responsibility: Consultant for Ecological Survey