• Orion Footwear Ltd.

  • Orion Footwear Ltd.

Business Focus : Orion Footwear Ltd.

With the increase of per capita income with consequent higher living standard the demand for local market for footwear is also increasing. The consumers are becoming increasingly quality conscious and seek products offering value for money. This trend has created a potential opportunity for Orion to make its foray into the local footwear market of Bangladesh.

There are a number of local manufacturers producing good quality footwear and the footwear sector is mostly dominated by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) which is almost 70% of total market. Organized factors like Bata, Apex, Jennys, etc are controlling the rest 30% market.

The focus of the business would be to cater to the demand of footwear for men, ladies and children by offering wide ranges of products from all categories with various assortments focusing sports, casual and formal shoes.

The product mix would include mens, ladies and children shoes in all sizes. This product mix is divided into further categories; sports, casual, semi-formal and formal footwear made of leather and other materials.