• Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

  • Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

  • Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

  • Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

  • Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

Average Annual Crop : Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

Average Annual Crop

Tea: 325,000.00 Kg per annum

Total Registered
Labor: 385 nos.

  • Male -190 nos
  • Female -195 nos

Demography: Total population Inside Company's Estate: 1550

  • Men: 750
  • Women: 800

Factory: Black Tea Factories.

  • 36" Jumbo 5 Cut CTC
  • Continuous Fermentation Machine (CFM)
  • Coal Heater
  • VFBD Dryer
  • Fully Conveyorised System


  • Transparency
  • Participatory Management
  • Less Bureaucracy
  • Decision at Committee Level


1. Sustainable Business:

We constantly endeavor to improve the quality of our tea both in bulk and in branded packets to satisfy our Buyers. Dependability is the essence of our business activity. In trying to achieve this we are continuously making efforts to upgrade our production facilities and standards. In addition to this we are also trying to diversify into other agricultural products.

2. Responsible Sourcing:

In order to deliver high value to our customers we give much importance to our supply chain and make it transparent.

3. Legal Compliance:

As a responsible partner we are committed to comply with the legislative requirements in the country.

4. Preserving Environment:

We also give importance to the environment, which plays a vital role for our tea plantation. For this we undertake extensive forestation program and preserve biodiversity.

5. Human Rights:

The Company attaches great importance to human rights. We strive to honor the dignity of our employees and improve their working conditions.


Tea, Timber, Bamboo, Black Pepper are produced by our companies.

Types of Tea:

Production > Packaging

100% of the tea sold in the Chittagong auctions is packed in polypropylene woven bags. These bags are packed with 55kg net tea.

Crop: Tea (figure in kgs)

2014 (Up to August)197,632.00