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  • Orion Agro Products Ltd.

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The core product of Orion Agro Products is the Fresh White Button Mushroom or Baby Button Mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus). The sizes of the products vary according to their categories i.e.

  • Baby < 30 mm diameter
  • Mini 30 - 40 mm diameter
  • Large > 40 mm diameter


  • No effect of weather conditions on production at the growing farm.
  • No raw material procurement is done from outside. Harvesting is done by trained staff resulting in consistent quality all the year around.
  • Handpicked mushrooms are grown in closed rooms with computerized full climate control systems resulting in same production under same conditions all the year around.
  • Good quality of compost and controlled access to room including personal hygiene results in growing handpicked mushrooms without using any pesticides or chemicals.
  • Maximum time from picking to packing is 2 hours and those 2 hours are spent in the cold store. Most of the mushrooms are in process in less than an hour. Mushrooms are packed absolutely fresh with no prior storage in heavy brine or addition of any preservatives. Only for mushroom processed to cannes, buckets and bags brine solutions are used.