Orion Power Rupsha Ltd.

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Orion Power Rupsha Ltd.

About us

Name of the Company : : Orion Power Rupsha Ltd.

Owner of this Company : Mohammad Obaidul Karim

MD of this Company: Salman Obaidul Karim

Date of Installation : 14, October, 2018 (Commercial Date of Operation)

Number of employees : Total 124 person

Major Equipment & installment

Engine:6Nos. Model W18V50 from Wartsila Finland

Alternator:6Nos. ABB Alternators, Type: AMG 1600SS12 DSE, Finland

STG Alternator: 1 Nos. Triveni Turbine Ltd, India

Starting Compressor : 2Nos. Type: LT-100-30W KE Atlas Copco

Ins Air Compressor : 2Nos. Type: GA45VSD Atlas Copco

EGB : 6 Nos. Unit Type: AV-6N, ALFA LAVAL, Finland, HPEV AP- 3542KW

Aux Boiler : 01 Nos. Capacity: 2000KW, Unit Type: BH 3000L

BSU : 500KVA, Perkins

Fuel Purifier : 3 Nos. HFO Separator, Type: S976 ALFA LAVAL, Sweden.

LO Separator : 6 Nos. Type: P646. ALFA LAVAL, Sweden

Storage Tank : 02 Nos. Capacity 4000CM

Day Tank : 01 Nos. Capacity 200CM

Buffer Tank : 02 Nos. Capacity 100CM.

Alternator Principle

The alternator work on the principle of Electromagnetic induction. When there is relative motion between the conduction and the flux., Emf get induced in the conductors. The only difference in the practical sync. Generator & DC generator is that in an alternator the conductors are stationery and field is rotating. The rotor of an alternator or a synch. Generator is mechanically coupled to the shaft on the turbine blades. Which is made to rotate at synch. Speed Ns under Mech Force.

Steam Turbine

We have 6.6 MW, 11KV (Dual Channel) TG set of Triveni Turbine ltd. Supplying power through MV Switch gear Bus-3 fed to 55/60 MVA Power Transformer.


There are 03 transformer having capacity of 50/55 MVA Two Transformer & another tr. 55/60MVA from ABB, Vietnam. Our Tr. 11KV Side is connected with two alternator 23019KVA through Switchgear, it is then step up to 132KV with two bus bar. Both Bus is connected with Bagerhut&Goalpara; grid. With LILO System (Line in-Line Out).


The plant has One Automatic Water treatment plant. Water generating capacity, Soft Water: 105 CM/H. And D.M Water 4.5 CM/H Provide By Pivot Engineering.


The plant is equipped with updated fire protect system to handle the fire in emergency. We have two type Own Fire Fighting System. One is Extinguisher type another is fire hydrant system. It can back up 12 hours Continuously. Fire water tank capacity 2094CM.

Fire Extinguisher: We have three different type extinguisher such as, CO2, ABC dry powder(DCP) And Foam bottle. These are located in different places in the plant. CO2=14 pcs, ABC Powder=13 pcs, Foam Bottle=01 pcs.All the plant transformer are equipped with automatic hydrant fire protection system.

Fire Hydrant: We have 2 type fire water pumping system diesel engine drive pump. And Electric motor drive pump. Capacity: 171 CM/H.


For safety and security of the plant we have 3 types' security forces:

• Arm force battalion, Ansar –22 nos. But Now ,not Available duty accommodation.

• Orion Security –12 nos.

• Hired security force-Land Force–39 nos.

They always keep watching the whole plant to maintain the safety and security of the plant.


• Workshop with well equipped to handle the power plant maintenanceAnd repairing jobs in here.

• Laboratory with well equipped to meet the power plant requirements.

• Well decorated Warehouse.

• Comfortable accommodation.

• First Aid.


• Canteen facilities

• Welfare

• Transport facilities

• Fire fighting's

They always keep watching the whole plant to maintain the safety and security of the plant.


• SATCO: Around 20 person engaged to keep clean the plant area always and updated every day. The always keep clean all plant area.


The plant employees are well aware about PPE and we have sufficient PPE to provide our manpower such as:

• Safety shoe

• Helmet

• Ear muff

• Safety glass

• Working dress

• Hand gloves

Employee's Welfare

• Now Not Available of Employee Welfare System.

Employee's Medical Services

• We have medical facility.

• Emergency treatment.

• First Aid Box.


The plant has been installed under the fast track project of government which is to be completed by nine months based on HFO. Total 6 no. of machines model: W18V50 having capacity 18.4165 MW each manufactured by Wartsila. The contract period of plant with BPDB is 15 years. The O&M people are very experienced and employed from Bangladesh. .

The plant has Successfully completed COD on 14th October, 2018. After COD supplying to the national grid of BPDB as per their demand.