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  • Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

  • Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

  • Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

  • Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

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About Jafflong Tea Company Ltd. (JTCL)


Tea auctions are held in Chittagong every Tuesday. Tea traders from various places in Bangladesh, who are registered with the Bangladesh Tea Board and are members of the Tea Traders Association of Bangladesh, operate. The auctions are conducted by six Brokers. The traders buy tea for selling in the internal market as well as export to overseas buyers. Tea produced by our companies is also sold through the auctions. Our teas are very popular with both the internal and export buyers.

Retail Markets in Bangladesh

Previously loose tea used to be sold in the tea retail markets, but since last few years that segment of tea market has converted to branded packets. Now 80 % of the tea is sold in various kinds of packets in the retail market. There are approximately 30,000 retail outlets for tea in the country out of which 22500 are in Dhaka metro and 7500 in Chittagong Metro areas alone.

Global Business

The Tea exporters from Bangladesh offer tea to overseas buyers every week. Traders offer their blends or in straight lines to the buyers. Upon getting orders the exporters buy tea from the auctions or supply from their stocks. Until few years ago buyers from many countries used to buy Bangladesh tea, but in the last few year's exports have declined considerably due to high prices ruling in the internal market, which has made Bangladesh tea uncompetitive. Pakistan is the only notable export market for Bangladesh tea at present.

The consumption of tea in Bangladesh is increasing at a fast rate. If the production does not catch up with the rate of consumption then Bangladesh will have to import tea in the near future. At the moment Bangladesh do not import any tea.

Tea Market Report (Auction 11) Held on July 22, 2014

The last sale consisted of 24,810 packages leaf along with 150 packages of leaf supplements .Improved demand led to a fully firm to slightly dearer market for better teas. Withdrawals stood at 48% as against 36% last week.

In the Auction 11 Jafflong sold 12,525 kg Made Tea. Jafflong also got Highest in the auction, DM grade @ 192.00.